The Domain Name System

What is the Domain Name System

The Domain Name System matches the URL-address of your website or service to the IP-address of the server or the virtual machine, where it works.

Every time someone opens your website (e.g. following the link or entering its address in Google Chrome), his/her web browser asks DNS:

- Please, give me an IP-address for this URL - appsitedown.com
- Here you are -
- Thanks!

Starting this moment all requests and data between visitor's web browser and your server are going to be passed using this IP-address.

So what's the problem?

Domain Name expires. Soon or later.

Actually, the domain name (or "web address") of your website is not your perpetual property. You lease it at the domain name registrator and pay for its prolongation periodically. If the payment is delayed (or forgot) the DNS does not provide the IP-address of your web-server to the user's web-browser and you lose customer because of "Server not found" message in his/her browser.

What is your approach?

Notification before expiration

AppSiteDown checks the expiration date of your DNS-record and notifies you:

  • 30 days before the expiration;
  • 10 days before the expiration;
  • on the expiration date.
If this notification policy does not suit your requirements or business processes, it can be changed withing our Custom Check offer.

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