A software utility

What is Ping

Ping is the software utility that is used to test server reachability and/or network connection quality.

The program sends ICMP-packets, waits for an ICMP echo reply and counts time difference.

So what's the problem?

No problems here, actually.

No, really. In the context of the website monitoring Ping is not the decision-maker (as well as Traceroute), because it's all about server reachability and connection quality, but not the web-server state. Moreover your system administrator, devops or network engineer can disable ICMP echo replies due to security or other reasons.

What is your approach?

Do best with less

HTTP Status Code/Text and Page Response Time checks are more reliable and provide more information about your website or service status. But if you need Ping check, we are ready to setup it for you withing our Custom Check offer.

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