A software utility

What is Traceroute

Every time someone opens your website (e.g. following the link or entering its address in Google Chrome), his/her web browser starts sending requests to your server, that is behind data centers, routers, switches and other network stuff.

Traceroute is the software utility that is used to display the route of the data travelling between user's browser and your server.

So what's the problem?

No problems here, actually.

Just like Ping, Traceroute is not the decision-maker in the context of the website monitoring, but one of the great tools for the root cause analysis.

What is your approach?

Provide diagnostic information on website or service outage to minimize MTTR

By default AppSiteDown monitors your website or service status with HTTP Status Code/Text check. As soon as the outage detected and confirmed it uses Traceroute as the part of the diagnostic workflow.

If you need Traceroute check, we are ready to implement it for you withing our Custom Check offer.

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